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Wherever we go, paving is all around us to the extent that we seldom really notice it.  However, damaged and uneven paving is instantly noticed by everyone.  The main cause of paving becoming damaged or uneven, is poor preparation of the bed on which the pavers are laid.  Whether we install new paving or repair damaged areas, we always ensure that the paving is laid on a properly prepared bed.

We pave both domestic and commercial areas and you have a choice of pavers, colours, patterns and types.  For new paving, we give you free advice beforehand.

Contact us for any of the following:

  • New paving.
  • Brick paving.
  • Pebble paving.
  • Slab paving.
  • Flagstone paving.
  • Paving of pool decks.
  • Patio paving.
  • Driveway paving.
  • Walkway paving.
  • Parking area paving.
  • Entrance paving.
  • Painting lines on paved parking areas.
  • Installation of kerb stones.
  • Paving in complexes.
  • Commercial area paving such as holiday resorts.
  • Industrial paving.
  • Interlocking paving.