About Kariega Constructiion
As Kariega construction Company our approach is concrete, specific and designed for immediate results. We have a unique combination of talent, creativity and technological expertise that sets us above the rest.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a trusted world-class African company that provides seamless and reliable business services for long term benefit of its owner, the broader community for the benefit of its customers.

Our mission

To remain reliable and efficient at the forefront in the construction industry through quality, honesty and hard work.

Our Co-operate Values

·  We are committed to providing tailored services to all our clients.

·  Our organisational ethics is to execute all projects as per our client’s expectations.

· Intimate knowledge of the client and their business environment.

·  Protect our client’s interests and respect their business obligations.

·  Above all , provide real value for all the services we offer.

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